Top 10 Essentials Every NEW Nurse Should Have When First Starting Out and Experienced Nurses To Keep Ahead


Please Note - the following are not in any order of Rank!

Whether you are fresh from graduation and the first nursing, medical field career awaits or you are a "war" veteran and looking for an edge, there are a few crucial items which can help anyone to an absolutely solid foundation to a wonderful and rewarding path in nursing.  Below is a list of items to assist you in the transition from school to professional life, new job, or branching off into a new field.


Arguably the most overlooked and probably obvious choice for nurses is what you wear!  Which is why we have started with the body and the first choice is the cloth covering that body - aka SCRUBS! 

We have added a list of uniform selections which cover a range from the "ARE THESE REALLY SCRUBS!!! (DUDE'T / DUDE - I could SLEEP IN THESE!" )to "Budget Friendly and Professional, but STILL designed with Comfort in Mind".

Absolutely One of the Premier TOP Line SCRUBS out there on the market today. It maintains the professional look while giving you the "Pajama - Yoga feel" . Made with stretchy, thicker material, but does not sacrifice durability .  Will not shrink or fade as long as washing and label care are followed.  It is one of the pricier options, but the quality and the advantages far out-weigh any concerns on the cost.

Like Cherokee Form, these SCRUBS are designed to look professional, but feel athletic leisure - the only real difference between these and the Form is the material is lighter-weight.

Following Form and  Edge, we have the Statement!  If you are looking for a more contemporary fit, then this is your area.  Tapered options, professional looking, comfortable scrub with a more modern design. Scrubs are made with stretch fabric and a touch of spandex linear texture, big pockets, and rose gold hardware.

Another line of scrubs that have the "pajama-yoga" feel, but not quite as breathable.  Still this is another good choice and the price is great for the product.  It still maintains the professional look and durability of the Cherokee Brand. Definitely surpasses the basic lines without hurting the bank.


If comfort was the theme to the body - doubly so for the feet. Those 8 - 12 hour shifts with nurses on their feet wanna talk about appreciation and hearts galore.  

The listed brands of shoes below that will stand the wear and tear and still offer quality comfort:


We always strive to provide you with options based on budget, but this is one area where we stress that the quality of the item is needed.  

There are many stethoscope brands and products, but there are not many good ones.

These are checklist items to determine a good stethoscope:

  • The earpiece should be quite comfortable and fit nicely inside the ear canal.
  • The chest and head pieces should be made of stainless steel, so that they transmit sound as effectively and clearly as possible.
  • Tubing connecting the various pieces should be thick and crack resistant.
  • The diaphragm should be air sealed and made from a high-quality, flexible material.

LITTMAN is the top choice.  Below are links to two common brands:


You will want a watch with a second hand.



Many times Hospitals and Medical facilities will provide these, but we noticed many nurses have their own kit and this invariably is one of the key tools along with the stethoscopes.

Two main brands shown below:






Many times in hospital settings, we have heard horror stories of Nurses and medical staff having to eat hours-old food just to have something in their bodies as they are  non-stop. We cannot emphasize enough that we do not want you to neglect the hydration and/or  "caffeine-ation". Which is why this next option is a thermos-like holder.  Like many on this list, there are many options....but we have a candidate which we feel  should be listed in the top three and that one is..........THE TERVIS!

Your first thought is How long can a TERVIS keep my drink cold and/or hot?

They can keep your drink ice-cold for 24 hours!
And, they'll keep that piping hot drink for 8 hours too. I'm serious.

Order yours today, just hit the TERVIS link here and may the TERVIS BE WITH YOU!


We will be adding more stories soon.  If there are subjects you would like to see and/or any reviews, please add in the comment section. Thanks again for your support!