1. Ufx LS Uniform Polo

Ufx LS Uniform Polo

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Pressed two-piece no-curl with internal stays for a professional apperance Three stitched-in creases on shirt back and two on shirt front Comfort cut allows for wear over body armor
Part Number: ELB-K5124
The Elbeco UFX Uniform Polo is engineered to last! Providing ultimate durable comfort with its polyester performance fabric, the UFX uniform polo will keep wearers dry, fresh and on point due to its permanent Antimicrobial and Nano Moisture Wicking technologies. The hidden pockets, dual cross-stitched shoulder straps, and mic loop are not only functional, but display an effortless traditional uniform shirt. 100% Polyester Swiss Pique Knit, 7.25 oz /sq yd, Machine Washable

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